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  • Adam Schell

Until the Results Come In

2020 has been a year unlike any of course this year's Presidential Election had to follow suit. As I sit here writing this post, we are still waiting for seven states to be called in the presidential race. And since the vast majority of the votes that still need to be counted are absentee ballots, no one can say for sure how long it will take before any or all of these states are called.

Analyst are hopeful that the races in Georgia and Wisconsin might be called today. But they also tells us that it will take until Friday before all the votes are counted in Pennsylvania and maybe in Michigan too.

And, whenever we find ourselves in uncertain situations--and this year's election definitely qualifies as an uncertain situation, we run the risk of stressing ourselves out over things that we simply cannot control. So what can we do to avoid this unnecessary stress while we wait for the results of this year's election to come in?


So I'll admit that the first thing I did after I woke up this morning was grab my smart phone and check for election results. And then, when I sat down to eat my breakfast, I turned on the news to hear the latest reports. The truth is that until this election is called, there's part of me that will want to constantly refresh one of this year's election maps and watch as the results come in...but I know that isn't healthy.

It also isn't healthy to constantly scroll through Facebook or Twitter reading every single piece of information and misinformation you can find about the election. So remember, you don't have to do it.

Votes will continue to be counted whether you're paying any attention to them or not. And people will make all kinds of claims about the election whether you're listening to them or not.

So it's okay to unplug. It's okay to go outside and take a walk. It's okay to watch a movie instead of a cable news network. It's okay to listen to music while you're driving instead of searching for a little more news coverage. And it's okay if you want to stay unplugged for a couple of days while everything continues to play out...just plug back in by Sunday so you can join us for worship.

Celebrate the Positives

It's true that this election has been unlike any other that we've ever seen...and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Part of the reason why this year's vote is taking longer to count is because a record number of people actually voted, and that should be celebrated. Our nation becomes a more perfect union when we are all involved, so hearing that more than 100 million people voted early (whether it was in-person or via absentee ballot) is a good thing.

We should also celebrate the thousands of people who volunteered their time to manage polling places as millions of citizens waited patiently and respectfully to cast a ballot. These poll workers come from every walk of life, and some of them gave up days of their lives to make sure that you and I could exercise our most fundamental right...the right to vote. And if that weren't reason enough to celebrate our poll workers, let's not forget that they did it all in the face of a growing pandemic.

We should also celebrate that many of our worst fears about what Election Day 2020 would bring ended up being unfounded. Many of us feared acts of voter intimidation, that people would be turned away from the polls, or that outside governments or agencies would try to interfere...but aside from glitch or two here or there, the orderly casting of ballots was not disrupted at all throughout our nation.

Pray for Both Candidates

Although this year's Presidential Election is still up in the air, it's a safe bet that either Joe Biden or Donald Trump will be our President come January 20, 2021. And until we know which one of these two candidates will win, we should be praying for both of them.

Serving as the President of the United States cannot be an easy job even under the best of circumstances, and, right now, we aren't living under the best of circumstances. COVID-19 continues to rage across our nation, infected tens of thousands of people every single day. Our economy has started to bounce back, but a full recovery is a long way away. There is continued unrest after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. And the closeness of this election reminds us that we are still a nation divided on political lines.

So pray for Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Remember God is Still in Control

I shared this same message in a post I wrote last week, but regardless of who wins the upcoming presidential election...God is still in control. Regardless of who controls the House or the Senate...God is still in control. Regardless of who wins in your state or local election...God is still in control.

God has been in control during the Trump presidency. God was in control during the Obama presidency, the Bush presidency, the Clinton presidency, and all down the line. So our hope is never built on the promises of one political campaign or candidate that will come and go after an election cycle or two. Our hope is built on a God who lasts forever.

So try not to be too stressed out or overwhelmed as we wait for the final election results to come in. Take time to unplug. Celebrate the good that has come out of this election. Pray for both candidates and our country. And remember that God is and will always be in control.

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