• Adam Schell

Loud & Clear

I don't remember most of my dreams. But a couple of nights ago, I had a dream that I won't soon forget.

In this dream, I was standing behind the pulpit in my church on what looked like any other Sunday morning. People were sitting out in the sanctuary, looking at me with smiles on their faces, waiting to hear what message God had for them that morning.

But when I went to speak my microphone didn't work. So our tech guy came running down the aisle with another microphone in his hand, and when I went to speak in that microphone...it didn't work either. So the tech guy reached down and grabbed another microphone (apparently out of thin air) and handed it to me...but it didn't work. And this scene played out until I woke up.

But when I woke up, I realized how much leading a church during a worldwide pandemic has been stressing me out. And that stress manifested itself in a dream where no matter what I tried to do, I wasn't able to minister to my church and share the hope of our faith with them.

I'm guessing that you're probably feeling that some kind of stress right now. You're working overtime trying to finds new ways to serve your church and to keep their spirits up in this unprecedented time in our lives. I mean, I know that I have spent more time recording sermons, setting up Zoom meetings, and talking on the phone with my contact list than I can keep track of.

And the amazing thing is, it's working. People are showing up on Facebook and my church's website on Sunday morning to worship with us online. People are logging in and calling in to our Zoom meetings for our Small Groups. People are answering their phones and taking off the masks that people usually wear with their pastors, and they're sharing their worries and fears with me.

So even though there are times when I wonder if what I'm doing is making any difference, even though there are times when I feel like what we're doing can't possibly be ministering to anyone out there on the other side of an internet connection, I try to take a deep breath and remind myself that that isn't the case for me.

And it's not the case for you either. Yes, you're leading your church in uncharted waters. And, yes, you're going to feel like your ship is sinking from time to time. But you are making it through. You are serving your people. You are sharing the hope and peace of Jesus with a world that needs it.

So keep doing what you're doing (and keep trying new things too). Because you voice matters...and whether you realize it or not, people can hear you loud and clear.

© 2020 by Adam Schell